Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Glimspe Into My Normal World


I receive a text from a number that I do not know…I don’t panic much because I have recently lost quite a bit of my contacts, but instead of saying “Who is this?”—which I feel like I am asking “Do you matter in my life” whenever I am forced to ask—I instead go along with the text in hopes that it will become evident who it is. BYW—this just happened approx 30 min ago.

Text: “Did you mean what you said Sat.?”
Me: “Sure, I always mean what I say-unfortunately-lol”
Text: “Do you think that’s a good idea?”
Me: “Ummm yeh, I usually make clear decisions.”
Text: “Does your family know?”

….now…I must admit I am starting to panic a little…the number kinda looks familiar, but thanks to damn cell phones we are all lucky to even know 9-1-1.  I remember the days of having to memorize everyone in my life full phone numbers and THEN still dial it by hand on a rotary phone…

Me: “Do you think I should tell them?”
Text: “Well yeh, it’s a pretty big decision”

…ok…now this feels like a soap opera…I cant wait for the next text—to find out what big decision I am about to make in my pseudo life! Yay me!

Me: “Ok, when do you think I should tell them?”
Text: “Well they are going to know something isn’t right, come on!!!!”
Me: “Hmmmm maybe tonight?”
Text: “Ok well text me and let me know how it goes!”
Me: “Ok, I will!”….I then go about my business, thinking “well that was a nice break from reality”…

15 min later…from same number…which is a Chicago area # I now know.

Text: “I heard its painful, so maybe you will get a sympathy vote from them…lolz…anyways, text me later, I will continue my research—I still don’t know how they take that little bit of skin and make it into a penis.”


Sigh…so the moral of this story is: Don’t be afraid to ask “Who is this??”…and also apparently my new name will be Charles soon.

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  1. U r hilarious. ..I would love to have u as a friend on Facebook. ..I cant get enough lol as a big girl with a semi similar personality your stories hit home...keep it up


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