Monday, October 4, 2010

How, Come, For , Why?

I spent a good part of the night analyzing a conversation I had with someone this weekend...I hate when later you realize they were "saying something TO you"...not just flapping their gums. But actually, trying to make a point--and it doesn't hit your dumb ass until about 3AM.

So I laid in bed and thought of all the witty things I would have said--if I had been paying attention. All the hilarious comebacks, all the great advice I would have given...sadly, I'm pretty sure my friend was carrying on about "never getting any attention". I feel pretty bad now...

How come we ignore the loudest cries for attention...Do we have something in our brain that says "ignore this-or you will be hating life for about a month". Does it fall on the person who is always being "ignored" to maybe speak louder, be more entertaining, or learn to hold an audience attention.  I remember taking Speech class in high school and always vomiting right before I had to make a speech-now you would need a roll of duct tape and a taser to shut my ass up.

I sent a text to my friend at 3AM...I told her "hey-I kinda just now noticed you were looking at me to guide you thru something."....her response?...."Hell no, your more of a trainwreck then me-I just wanted to vent".

I now know why I ignored her cry for attention---I'm blessed enough to have always been a friends know whether it is during the conversation, or at 3AM...they can say "Charisma...focus and pay attention to me-I need you". Or...they can reply to a random text at 3AM...which leads me to then wondering what the hell is wrong with me....

I fell asleep at 4:30AM this morning, after going thru my issues one by friend is fine, she actually text me just an hour ago-and said "thanks for checking on me at 3AM, your a good friend"....too bad I'm not speaking to her for calling me a trainwreck, she said something else on the text about needing a drink--I don't know...I wasn't paying attention.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Welcome Voyuers!

The title of my Blog is pretty self explanatory--I will sometimes Rant, and I will sometimes just Roll with it. I have a tendency to do both at any given time.

I am hoping to shed some light on various topics...with a twist of humor, and of course deviant commentary. I don't always have anything useful to say-and will probably rely on some one hit wonders to begin with, but I hope you keep reading-I could say something astonishing at any moment, I can feel it :)

Please visit often, and all comments are welcomed...unless of course you are being an ass...and well, I will most likely laugh--OR you could become an instant star in my next rant...Hmmmmm