Monday, November 15, 2010

So I wanna....

So I wanna hand out awards sometimes to people who have the most drama in their know, the ones that are always in a feud, or have health issues, or money problems even though they are down at the bar every weekend? Thankfully, for all of us--their issues can be aired out in so many ways...we have Facebook, which is high school for adults...we have Twitter--which thankfully only gives us a BRIEF rundown on their issues....and MySpace...wait...what is MySpace again?

However...aren't we guilty of something as well? We are all watching and waiting with eagerness to see what that train wreck will post next? We subscribe so we don't dare miss one thing? Is it worst to be a voyeur into someones world--or an active participant in their issues?

I have become addicted to Facebook myself...I creep on people that I would normally have no interest in...I creep on people I will never meet in real life...just a morbid curiosity about what they did this weekend, did they go to the doctor like they were bitching about?...So I creep...and I creep...and I find my head filled with useless knowledge about 400+ people...I think Facebook is the average persons dirty little addiction. Its a popularity contest won by "likes" and is a narcissist dream world.

So by all means...keep updating...tell me why your boyfriend is a jerk...and then 23 minutes later post ILY...keep giving me graphic details about the birth of your 8th child, it was just as exciting 7 kids ago....and most of all...keep posting your complaints with your life, I need them like air...I am guilty of being fascinated by please..keep updating...I need you to post...and you need me to creep.

P.S....thanks for creeping on me just now. :)